Here are some testimonials that have been sent to us via email. We are thrilled that our customers take the time to send us lovely little notes like these to let us know exactly how we are doing!


“Hi Jeannette,

Just wanted to thank you for everything on Saturday. James and your staff did a wonderful job. Everything was delicious and we received many compliments on the food! It was a pleasure to work with you!!”

Angela E.




“Now that’s what I’m talking about!!
One of our guys said “that was THE best spread we’ve ever had”, another one said “ I feel like I’m at a wedding”.

The food was absolutely out of this world – amazing. The pecan pie, got snatched up real quick!!

I’m sure we’ll be touch again very soon.”

Susan H.


“Jeannette thank you so much for the fantastic food at my sons reception. My husband is still talking about the delicious fried chicken, and James he was such a wonderful help, it was so nice to be able to depend on him during the event, I was able to enjoy the reception while your great team worked so hard to make everything perfect. We are still getting compliments on the food, the food was amazing, compliments to the chefs, and the team you have is great!!”

Kathy A.



“Jeannette  Everything went very well yesterday. Matt did a very nice table setup presentation and the food was very good.”


Carl K.



“Hi Jeannette,

 Everything went great and the food and the service was amazing!”
Krista M.