Here are some testimonials that have been sent to us via email. We are thrilled that our customers take the time to send us lovely little notes like these to let us know exactly how we are doing!


We are so very grateful for your support in making our inaugural “Amahl” a huge artistic and financial success.
The reviews by Janelle Gelfand and Mary Ellyn Hutton tell the story, and it is a very positive one.
Best wishes for a happy and bountiful 2013! Thom, Mischa, Ralf and LeAnne

Thom Mariner
Executive Director
Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra

I’m sorry it has taken so long to write this, but my wedding was amazing! Your staff did a great job, and even my fancy foodie friends were raving about the food! I was so surprised at the overlays and attention to detail! The servers were so attentive and checked on us so often, we never had an empty glass! I’m trying to tell as many prospective event people as I can about you! Can’t thank you enough!
Sarah G.

Greetings Jeannette ~
Friday evening’s retirement celebration @ VOA for my husband was a great night for him, and the food and service provided by Jeannette’s Delicacies was top notch. Our guests raved about the food’s presentation and wonderful taste, and the crew you sent to work the party, including the trainee server, were very professional and got right down to business especially in view of the 12 table/96 chair shortage that the VOA staffers had to correct at 5:00.

Thanks very much,
Barb L.