Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday. Today isn’t about wedding trends or themes. We decided that it would be helpful to give all the brides and grooms to be some advice.

Make your special day a YOLO event – you only live once – what better attitude to have when planning your wedding?!
Toss the rule book out the window – forget expectations – what you think you should do or what your father-in-law thinks you should do. Don’t let yourselves get guilted, coerced or bribed into agreeing to a wedding that doesn’t feel like you. Make sure the major things (location, colors, catering) and the smaller details really represent both of you and your relationship.

Don’t look at just traditional venues: we’ve seen weddings in houses, castles, barns, horse arena, bars, aquarium, amusement park, art gallery, vineyard, and a field on a farm. Get creative and do some research to find your perfect dream venue.

Surround yourselves with your favorite people – It’s the people, not the centerpieces or even the band, who determine whether everyone has a good time.

So there it is! Our two-cents about making your wedding day your own. Make sure to always go with your gut and do what feels right. We hope that your wedding day is a day that you will remember as one of the best days of your life! More importantly, you look back with no regrets!
We wish you love, health and happiness!

Jeannette’s Delicacies