Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday! Today we’re going to be talking about guest books.

The traditional wedding guestbook is very simple. A book with lines and a “fancy” pen and each guest
will sign in to let the bride and groom know that they were in attendance. However, as 2014 has quickly
snuck up on each of us, here at Jeannette’s we’re seeing other ideas arising. We have seen numerous
ideas that would of never even have crossed our minds.

Here is what we have found:

After you’re married you want to continue to relive the biggest day of your life. Using jenga pieces as a guest book
is a great way to start. You can relive the day every time the family gathers together for game night.
Other things we’ve seen are stones. Guests are asked to sign the stone on one side and write a special
short and sweet note on the other side. After the big day you can then display these special pieces
of your big day in a glass vase so that you can see them every day. Our favorite of all is the Polaroid
picture display. Guests will take a picture of themselves at the wedding and write a note on the white
part of the Polaroid picture. We thought that the idea of writing it in a wedding colored sharpie would
add some pop. We’ve seen other things like signing of footballs, canvas of your favorite sports team,
engagement picture, or even the scenery where you said yes.

So there it is—Just another Wedding Wednesday. Make your special day your very own and throw the
same ole same out the window! For more ideas take a look at our pinterest page.

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