Jeannette’s Delicacies offers Gourmet To Go as a great option for busy families to enjoy homemade catered food any day of the week. Orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. Local pickup at 9536 Cincinnati Columbus Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.

Call Jeannette’s Delicacies at (513) 309-7973 to place your order or click here to order online.


House vinaigrette $3.60 per 16oz.
Balsamic vinaigrette $5.40 per 16oz.
Honey butter $6.50 per pound
Marinara $3.00 per quart
Pesto sauce $8.50 per 16oz.
Hummus $4.00 per 16oz.
Horseradish sauce $3.00 per 16oz.


Buffalo chicken dip $6.00 per 16oz.
Spinach dip $6.00 per 16oz.
Chili dip $4.00 per 16oz.
Crab dip $7.50 per 16oz.
Queso $3.00 per 16oz.


Chicken $6.00 per pound
Ham $5.00 per pound
Egg $6.00 per pound
Italian Pasta $4.00 per quart
Tortellini Pesto $6.00 per quart
Black bean and corn $4:00 per quart
Loaded potato $4.50 per pound


Chicken cordon bleu $3.50 per piece
Herb Stuffed chicken $3.00 per piece
Lasagna $3.00 per piece
Pulled pork $5.75 per pound
Pulled chicken $5.75 per pound
Chicken parmesan $3.75 per piece
Eggplant parmesan $2.50 per 3 pieces
Enchilada casserole $2.25 (cheese), $2.50 per piece (beef), $3.00 chicken
Beef pot roast with gravy $6.00 per pound
Meatloaf $5.00 per pound
Mini Chicken pot pie $4.50


B&O green beans $3.80 per pound
Green bean almondine $3.00 per pound
Sicilian veg $4.25 per pound
Honey maple carrots $3.20 per pound
Mashed potatoes $2.25 per pound
Roasted redskins $1.50 per pound
Roasted sweet potatoes $2.25 per pound